We care about your bike.

Today, Calpe is a city attracting cyclists all-year round from all over the world.

In winter Calpe hosts the training camps of many professional and amateur teams, in spring a lot of riders come over to prepare their next gran fondo or to enjoy the roads and beautiful scenery in the area of Marina Alta. In summer cyclists on a family trip cannot refrain from bringing their bike, whereas during fall a lot of cyclists come to Calpe as ‘the finale’ of their cycling season/year.

Even though we rent high quality bikes at Service Course, a lot of riders do take their own bike. Quite often these bikes need maintenance or replacement of components due to the wear and tear of riding many kilometers.

For this reason we also offer bike mechanic and repair services at Service Course.

Your bike needs maintenance? How do we work?

Our mechanic will inspect your bike and provide you with a price quotation.
This quotation is the sum of the desired and/or required replacement parts plus the number of labour minutes/hours.
Depending on the schedule and type of work to be performed, you can wait whilst having a coffee of a beer, or come and pick up your bike some time later.
Should an unexpected problem occur during the repair and in case this would increase the estimated price of the repair significantly, the mechanic will call you and discuss what has to be done or what he would recommend.
As soon as your bike is ready you can pick it up so to continue enjoying riding in Calpe and surroundings.
You can pay cash or with bank card.

Your bike needs to be washed?

We offer a premium bike washing service

When being on cycling camp/holidays as well as during your longer term stay you may not have the space or time to give your bicycle the attention it deserves. Your bike needs regular maintenance to continue run smoothly and avoid any mechanical issues. At Service Course we take care of bringing your bike back to brilliance. We advise you how to clean, care and protect and provide you with the required tools and products.

We welcome all types of bikes, being it road race bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and e-bikes.

4 key reasons to regularly inspect and clean your bike

Ride Safer : regular inspection of your bike will lead to timely discovery of issues with tyres, brakes, rims and also your frameset.

Reduce mechanic burdens : regular inspection and cleaning will avoid you have troubles with your chain/gear set or punctures

Ride smoother : a clean chain and cassette will make you ride smoother; clean breakes will make you break effectively and avoid unpleasant noises.

Spend less money : a clean bike means components last longer : e.g. replace your chain every 3.000km and save money on rear cassettes and front gear.

What do we offer at our bike wash

Bike stand: This will allow you to position the bike at a comfortable height while you’re working on it. It will also allow you to turn the pedals or remove the wheels so you can clean all the moving and hard-to-reach parts.

Water: We use low pressure water and minimal harmful products from Morgan Blue. We do not offer high-pressure jet washers as they force water into delicate components which causes damage and reduces the life of moving components such as bearings.

Degreaser: Our Morgan Blue bike-specific degreaser will get your bike chain clean.

Soap: We offer Morgan Blue bike wash cleaner for frame cleaning.

Brushes: Have several sizes and shapes to get into hard-to-reach places to remove the dirt that rinsing alone can’t get.

Rags: Keep plenty of these on hand for grease, oil and wax-related tasks and for general cleaning and drying.

Chain wax: Properly lubricating your chain helps extend the life of your drivetrain. We provide you with Morgan Blue Dry Wax. This product excels in a dry environment: dirt will stick less to dry lube.

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