Social Rides from Service Course in Calpe

As we are the place to be for cyclists in the area of Calpe, we also kindly invite everyone to participate to our social rides. Join the Service Course Calpe community!
Social rides or group rides are another way for cyclists to engage. They also allow you to meet new cycling friends and to discover new routes in the area of Calpe.
The rides are in peloton and led by a road captain (also pace leader) and organised according to different pace groups.

Where do the social rides in Calpe go to?

Depending on the number of participants one or two groups will ride two different routes. The longer route is approximately 90 km and the shorter version is approximately 70 km. On the day itself the road captains decide on the routes. Once a month a longer ride of 100+ km will be organised; this ride will be announced during one of the previous rides.
During almost each ride there is a stop a half way; the riders will enjoy a coffee or refreshment (no lunch – only on the 100+ km rides) on a local terrace / bar.
After the ride you can meet and discuss with your (new) friends at the terrace of Service Course. Don’t forget to order a coffee, beer, refreshment or bite at the bar!

What is the required level?

Although we love all cyclists, the rides are not for absolute beginners. We expect some experience with group rides and the ability to ride at minimum at an average speed of 23 km/h for 3 hours. Whilst average speed is not a good indicator on the hilly tracks, the average speed for the faster group (longer route) is between 26 and 29 km/h. Therefore this group is for the more advanced cyclists.
The average speed on the shorter route is more relaxed and slightly slower (24-27 km/h). If you join for the first time we advise you to join the shorter route.
These rides are no competition. When required the road captains will tame the herd mentality that a ride may suffer from 😉.

When are these rides organised?

The rides start at 9am sharp in front of Service Course Calpe.  They are organised on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (shorter coffee ride) and Sundays.

What about safety and security?

All participants are expected to have enough water (or sports drinks), to bring the appropriate equipment and to join a ride at the appropriate level.
GPX-files are not provided to the participants for reasons of safety and facilitating the role of the road captains.
All participants are expected to respect the traffic laws (e.g. but not limited to keep right, stopping at red lights, respecting other signs).
Everyone participates on own risk to these rides. No single person in the group, nor Service Course Calpe, is responsible for accidents and/or injuries and/or damages to participants’ bikes.

Get inspired by taking a look into some of our social rides in Calpe

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